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This is me on the shoulder of Piz Palü in the Bernina range in Engadine, Switzerland.

Systems Administration

I've had the title of systems administrator for about 8 years now, though I've been actually doing the job (for various companies) for about 12 years. Somewhere along the way I decided to go back to College. Initially, I was working towards a Masters degree in CS. I've since stopped going to school. Work was just much more interesting.


Unix is a great OS, and if you don't want to be a systems administrator or a unix systems programmer, I advise you to have nothing whatsoever to do with it. Unless, that is, you're running Windoze. If you are, you should seriously consider upgrading to Linux.


Still the best personal computer in existence. The PowerPC processors are among the fastest in the world, and now you can run Linux on your Mac, too. Apple's new OS is even Unix under the hood. Interesting things are afoot in Cupertino...

Software Development

I'm currently one of the maintainers for nmh, a Unix mail tool based on MH that's been around forever. It's even got an O'Reilly book written about it.


I ride both on and off the road. Lately, I've been mostly riding my new Serotta a lot. I enjoy riding over Alpine passes. I regularly ride a loop from my home in Stäfa around the Zürichsee and then over the Sattel to Schwyz, and then back by way of Ibergeregg. Otherwise, this year I've ridden the Praggelpass, and the Brevet Alpine, which includes Fürka, Grimsel, and Susten.




I live in Switzerland. How can I not snowboard?

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